where is everyone?

where is everyone?

so where is everybody? i haven’t seen anyone stop by in a while.
i wanted to send out a request again to all my Christian friends to sign up to join my FaithfulFamily site (non-Christian friends are also invited, but keep in mind the site is mostly Christian in nature, so don’t be offended, although there is lots of general family/parenting stuff on there too that can benefit any mom or dad!). please join at FaithfulFamily.net. it’s a simple, painless process that doesn’t take long at all. thanks so much to the ladies who HAVE joined already: brandy, mary beth, cara lynn, nancze, jen m, and jenni h. i love you guys!!! 🙂
i am trying to get as many members on here as possible so i can send out the very first monthly newsletter!!!!!! i know, you get all sorts of newsletters already, but this will be fun, i promise!!!!!
love and hugs to you all, and i hope to find you’ve joined soon! 😉

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  1. ((((Hugs Jenn))))) How are ya? Thought I’d come by and say hello
    ((((Hugs Jenn))))) How are ya? Thought I’d come by and say hello! Have a good week! *hugs & prayers*


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