in the toddler room

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hello, all! long time, once again! (well really just two days LOL:) i am alive and well…my period is almost over, so emotions are settling and cramps are going away slowly but surely.
as for work, despite the fact the new girl keeps calling off….i still get to be in the toddler room!! yay!!!!! i have been in there since monday, from ten to four-thirty. it is going really well. the toddlers are lovable, adorable, cuddly and fun. i don’t think the am teacher talks with and plays enough with them, so they are totally desperate for my affection when i come in. they are already trying to say my name LOL it comes out really funny but oh so adorable!!!! these are the cutest kids in the world. out of three kids, can you believe i have two redheads – not related to each other?!!?!?!?! i thought redheads were pretty rare. anyway, they are the cutest of all cutes. 🙂 i have to admit, the little boy is the most precious of all children…i have always wanted a little boy, and this one is just like i would want my son to be. he’s sweet, affectionate, fun, intelligent and adorable. 🙂 i’m trying to get the room situated as i want, but it’s really hard with the toddler tornados! LOL as soon as i get something in the right place, they’ve got it out again. hehehe. rearranging rooms is fun though. i think i need lots of new toys though – see, the toddler room was nonexistant in the center up until two months ago, when we got these three kids from another center. the previous teachers haven’t cared one whit about the room, so it’s been mismatched and messed up the entire time, so i’ve got my work cut out for me, but i’m up for it. i actually enjoy it – especially the finished product. i’m having fun making the book corner – i call it the comfy cozy book nook! 😉 i put a nice soft mat down, there’s a rocking chair, and i’m going to add some pillows. they love to read over there now, whereas before, the bookshelf was just a place to take things off of and throw around. (i don’t think the other teachers ever read to them either!!!!!!!!! which is criminal in my mind. this age is one of the best times for learning, forming synapsis in the brain, and emergent reading is very important.)
well enough about my class. i need to be off to bed. love, hugs and prayers to you all!
oh i almost forgot – holly sent me the CUTEST adoptions!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is a lamb lover like me 😉 thanks holly!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Lynn

    Hi Jenn!

    It sounds like you have a fun job! Did you know I use
    Hi Jenn!

    It sounds like you have a fun job! Did you know I used to work for a kindergarten, and then for a daycare center? I had the toddlers as well, and they were like my own little ones! Hehehe… such a sweet precious age and they love you as dearly as their own mom! They’re very trusting, and they thrive on affection and attention! Sounds like you are very good at this too!

    I’m doing alright Baby… don’t worry about me. Sometimes we just have to work through issues with the Lord, you know… this has to do with that… understanding something in my past. I’m fine though.

    You take care and have a blessed Easter!
    Love you little one! : )

  2. Erin

    Hi! I just found your site! It is wonderful! Anyway, I have a lo
    Hi! I just found your site! It is wonderful! Anyway, I have a lot in common with you! I am a Junior in college and I am about to marry my sweetie! (After reading I kissed dating goodbye!! LOL!) Anyway, our faith is the most important part or our relationship! Well, I will come back to visit again! God Bless!

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