nothing yet!!

nothing yet!!

well, nothing yet – i took a pregnancy test this morning and again it was negative. but still no period. this is now day 47 – what’s going on? i’m starting to feel as though i might start my period now though, because my moods are going whacko. i keep thinking i’m having cramping feelings too, but they turn out to be gas. i very rarely get gas so i don’t know what’s up with that. haven’t been eating differently or anything. maybe i’m just getting old.
i just wanted to update that. i SO wanted to have it be positive!!!!!!!! i wanted to call jerry at work and tell him the good news, then take a gift to my mom that i have been saving JUST for this moment (this is why i take preg tests on sunday, so i can take the gift to her at church when it ever turns out being positive LOL) – it’s a little book about grandma’s memories to her grandchild…like a journal of her life to pass along.
please keep praying for me. oh, if you came from jenn’s journey you’ll know what i’m talking about already, but if you didn’t, please go over there and listen to the new song!!!!!!!!!! it gave me so much comfort!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i KNOW so many are praying for me, and it just makes my heart feel so wonderful!!!! it also reminds me that God DOES STILL PERFORM MIRACLES TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! praise His name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love and blessings,

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  1. I am still holding my breath and praying for you hun! ~hugs~

    I am still holding my breath and praying for you hun! ~hugs~

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