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well, i am moving to a new room at work. i love my twos dearly, but the toddler room has always been my favorite. the tiny little people are just so much fun and so adorable!! i start on monday, and i’m training the new lady who’ll be taking over my room. she is really nice and great with the kids. so i have no fears about moving over. i will post again when i am situated in my room and tell everyone how it’s goin! 🙂
i am planning to head over to _Precious Dreams
in a second….so stay tuned!!!
well i’m back and the girl has called in sick!!!! so i don’t know if she’ll be accepted back by monday or not. it’s the second time she’s called in sick in four days!!!!!!!!!! goodness!!!!!! i am so disappointed. but i should expect it.
now I know in my ABC’s…next time won’t you sing with me?
taken from here, who got it from somebody else.

A – Act your age? not usually! i look and feel much younger than 27 years old!! immature, no. fun-loving, yes!! 🙂
B – Born on what day of the week? thursday
C – Chore you hate? um, all? hehe. least favorite of all is dusting.
D – Dad’s name? jim
E – Essential makeup item? none
F – Favorite actor? jim caviziel
G – Gold or silver? silver
H – Hometown? fairland, in
I – Instruments you play? my voice
J – Job title? child care teacher
K – Kids? not yet, but boy are we praying and trying!!
L – Living arrangements? house in the suburbs with my grampa (he owns the place), my hubby and my dog
M – Mom’s name? julie
N – Number of people you’ve slept with? one – my husband
O – Overnight hospital stays? hmmmm i don’t think i ever have…
P – Phobia? none really, though i do fear burning with fire
R – Religious affiliation? born-again Christian
S – Siblings? 2 brothers – jay (24), josh (21), 1 sis – jannelle (16)
T – Time you wake up? on work days, 545, weekends, about 8 or 9
U – Unique habit? hmmmm starting out sentences with ‘well’ LOL
V – Vegetable you refuse to eat? spinach
W- Worst habit? staying on the computer too long
X – X-rays you’ve had? teeth, arm
Y – Yummy food you make? lots!!! i like my pizza a bunch 😉
Z – Zodiac Sign? i don’t believe in this, but saggitarius

love and blessings,

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    this site is really cute. sorry to hear about your flaky employe
    this site is really cute. sorry to hear about your flaky employee! good luck with having your baby in 2003. my sister is pregnant and is due in august.

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