quiz fun

quiz fun

hello! i got up really early (for a Sonday) and decided to do a few quizzes.

thursday thumb twiddler, only one of them:

3. Over the course of your life, what have you probably spent more time pondering than anything else?
hmmmmmmmmm oh this is SO hard (as if!)! having children!!!!! of course when i was a girl i used to think being a mommy would be the best and easiest thing on earth. when i got married i wanted to be a mama right away but jerry and finances wouldn’t let me. then when we finally started, we find all these problems!!! my goodness. so it’s STILL on my mind….even when i do have children, i will still think of them all the time, what i can do to be a better mama, what i can give them and teach them to help them love their Lord more, what will encourage them to be kind to others, what kind of spouse they will marry….my mom always prayed for my husband and my brothers’ wives, from when we were young. i plan to do that too.

wednesday what if?

March 26th, 2003

1.) If we looked in your freezer right now what would be in it? in the kitchen freezer, there is a mishmash of different things, from chicken fingers to chicken breasts to vegetables to cheese to ice cream (mainly things that when i take them out of the big freezer i’m too lazy to put them back, or i think, i may need this again soon!). in the big freezer there are grampa’s tv dinners, frozen pizza, frozen meals, lots of veggies and extra bread, etc etc (it would take forever to list everything!!! it’s a huge freezer).

2.) If we looked under your bed what would be under there?? extra blankets, a suitcase with summer clothes (i need to pull that out soon! :), dust bunnies….

3.)What if we looked in your purse….what is in there? gum, keys, pens, all sorts of cards and ids, a flashlight, a calculator, pencil…

4.) What if we looked out your front window what would we see? a mailbox, bushes, a lawn. (we still need to plant new trees since the icky ones were hauled away.)

5.) What if we could see you in person RIGHT NOW…..what do you look like? oh my…..i woke up and didn’t do anything….i don’t even have any pants on right now!!! lol!! t-shirt, undies, messy messy hair, i just wiped the sleep out of my eyes a minute ago 😉 i look a fright, let me tell you!! be glad i have no webcam! LOL

well that was fun 🙂 i need to take a shower now. may be back but we’ll see. i have a birthday party and a church pitch-in today. i thought this was supposed to be a day of rest?!?!?! i made my famous deviled eggs for the pitch-in. 🙂

love and hugs!!!

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