tuesday this or that

tuesday this or that

this is new for me: the Tuesday This or That:

1. What’s your personal clothing style…trendy or classic? hmmm – i just wear what i want to wear. i love bib overalls and baby tshirts, and i like carpenter or flare jeans. like i said, i wear what i feel like wearing! lol

2. Do you shop for designer names or stick with the more generic brands? i buy whatever i like, if it’s a decent price. i don’t see the point in going into debt for clothing. life’s too short to waste on unimportant things like clothes!

3. Work clothes: dressy or casual? comfy.

4. Days off style: dressy or casual? comfy.

5. Women: high heels or flats? NEVER wear flats. they hurt.

6. Do you have a large wardrobe, or just a few carefully selected pieces? i have too many clothes, but i wear a few beloved items more than others!

7. Do you shop for clothing at stores or from catalogs/internet? always at stores – or garage sales. i’ve never bought clothes online before.

8. Are most of your clothes dry-clean only or machine-washable? even if they are supposed to be dry-clean only, i use the washing machine! lol

9. You buy an article of clothing and realize it is all wrong for you when you get home. Return or keep it? return it if i remember…i have clothes lying around with the tags on them that i can’t return because it’s been too long, or i don’t have the receipt anymore. lol – i’m pitiful.

10. Hats: yes or no? i love hats! it depends on my outfit and my mood if i wear one or not.


well, dad went back to work today. i figured he would, but i still hoped he’d try to be careful. i’d appreciate continued prayer, because we want him to not bend his thumb!! he is such a hard worker, and gets antsy with confinement…so this is hard for him i’m sure!!

God bless!

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