my sickness defined

my sickness defined

just wanted to let everyone know that i went to the dr yesterday and i have SINUSITIS, PHARYNGITIS, and BRONCHITIS. yep, fun fun for me. i got put on the z-pack, the five day thing, because almost everything else i’m allergic to (or have bad reactions to). i thought i’d be feeling a bit better by today, but i’m not – still dizzy if i stand up for more than five minutes, still hacking and coughing and gagging and blowing my nose. so i am not going to work. my boss wasn’t happy, but i’d rather her be a little upset than parents being upset as to why the walking dead is working with their kids!!! there’s no way parents wouldn’t be able to tell i’m sick, because aside from the aforementioned, i’m very pale, i have dark circles under my droopy eyes and around my nose and on my nose is ALL red because of the blowing. i even have a blister on the inside of my nose!!! i would not have been good at all. i just wanted to let everyone know so you can pray for me. i want to get over this soon. it hit me on friday, full-force on saturday, and it’s still got me. the only thing that has lessened is my throat doesn’t hurt as much, but it’s still huge and gagging me. wonder why – ?? again please pray about our financial situation and the baby to be…i was talking to a friend about taking out a loan…but i really don’t think jerry would go for that. i’m also really setting up a paypal button for friends to pay online – not a lot, but whatever anyone can give is enough for me. and i’m looking into a po box number, in case anyone wants to send us money through that. you never know, some rich person who loves God and loves kids might happen upon my blog and say, oh what a nice young lady. she should have a baby! and send me a bunch of money. 😉 you never know, stranger things have happened.

love and hugs (but don’t get too close, i’m still a bit contagious 😉

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  1. Hi Jenn…lomg time no visit from me 🙁 Things are slowing down
    Hi Jenn…lomg time no visit from me 🙁 Things are slowing down for hubby so I should get more puter time!! Still no orders yet…the waiting is killing me!! Hope and pray you are feeling much better today!! Love ya!!

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