just wondering wednesday

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well i started my period in the middle of the night. i had a really really rough morning – feeling sick to my stomach, bad cramps, etc. hopefully it will be easier tomorrow. i also am really hoping i’ll get paid tomorrow!!!
well i am not doing my own this or that tuesday because i wouldn’t feel right about it. but i am going to do my own thing!! i’m calling it ‘just wondering wednesday’ hehe. i can ask as many questions as are on my mind for any particular wednesday. if you want to follow suit and answer whatever i ask myself, feel free! hehe!
yesterday’s questions (yes i know i’m a day late LOL):
what type of music do you listen to? i listen to all kinds of Christian music. my favorites are praise/worship and contemporary Christian. i also love lullabies.
about how many albums (discs or cassettes) do you own? jerry and i own about 300 or more cds. we own a few cassettes here and there too, but rarely listen to them. especially now that we can copy tapes and place them onto cds!
what music do you sing in church? we sing hymns and praise/worship songs. there isn’t enough of a balance in my opinion though (it seems the hymns we do are obscure ones that no one knows!). for solos i sing contemporary songs usually.

well i need to do a few reads then head to bed now. i hope everyone is well. don’t forget to visit precious dreams and leave me a comment if you read it 😉

oh my goodness, i was at jana’s site and read that mr rogers died. i didn’t know!!!!!!! i read it and just started bawling! i can’t believe it!!! somehow i didn’t even know he had cancer. if i knew, i forgot about it. i am just in shock. he was like an uncle i saw every day as a child. i still like watching his reruns every now and then because he has such a calming voice. his love for children, and his love for God was just such a comfort to me always. i am just glad to know that he is in heaven. i’m also glad that so many other future generations will be able to see his show on reruns. i want to get his episodes on dvd sometime if possible so my kids will be able to watch him. oh i’m just so sad. i wish i could give his wife and family a hug. please pray for them with me. even knowing he’s in heaven, it’s still SO hard.
signing off again…
love and hugs to you!!!

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  1. Marybeth

    Just because it was sad to see this little frown at the bottom o
    Just because it was sad to see this little frown at the bottom of the page-I came here to say-Lov Ya Sweetie!!

  2. Nancze

    Hi Jenn, my precious friend. Do you start your new medicine now
    Hi Jenn, my precious friend. Do you start your new medicine now? I wish I had been here before I posted and I would answer your wed. questions. I love all kinds of music, but stay away from rap and heavy metal. Don’t like dirty words or screeching music. I mostly listen to Christian all kinds and country and western. Have a country station on all the time now for Prince Legolas. Tried to to one night without it, but no go he cried loud and hard until I turned it on. hehehe.. but it’s low. Love you sweet friend. ~hugs~

  3. jen

    have a good weekend honey. 🙂 love you!

    have a good weekend honey. 🙂 love you!

  4. Sue

    Hey Jenn… sorry to hear about AF… she came to visit me on Th
    Hey Jenn… sorry to hear about AF… she came to visit me on Thursday too… busy creepy lady!! lol. I also started getting a cold on Thursday too so I was a mess at both ends – hee hee

    Sending love & hugs to you today!!

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