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well i went to find today’s this or that and stumbled upon something that i almost wish i hadn’t seen. but i did see it so now i must share. i will no longer be participating in this or that tuesday. why? because the owner supports abortion. she links to pro-abortion websites. i cannot in good conscience participate in it. of course i won’t think anything bad of anyone else who still participates. just for myself i cannot do it. i hate abortion, and the thought of all those millions of unborn being slaughtered just breaks my heart. i would take any one of the children in a split second. life is precious.
well so now what should i use instead? anyone know?
i posted at precious dreams today.
i guess that’s it for now. i need to go make supper (i’m not doing the menu again since we need to go shopping….we’re just having spaghetti…) and jerry wants on the computer anyway.
love and hugs!

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  1. pooh-ri-fic

    make up your own tuesday this or that … 😛 i posted a message,
    make up your own tuesday this or that … 😛 i posted a message, err, entry in my blog … nothing exciting…sorry

    where are you? get online goober!

  2. Lynne

    Hey I your own this or that!! I know you’d come up wi
    Hey I your own this or that!! I know you’d come up with something good!! I’m like you…I can’t see how anyone could destroy such a precious gift!! Children are blessings from God..sad to say there are Christians who support abortion…they need to go back and read their Bibles!! Not just the 10 commandments but where God tells us what blessings children are!! I have been studying each morning..started out going by that read the Bible in a year but I am way ahead 🙂 it is so interesting and full of important messages I can’t stop 🙂 I’m up to the 1st king of Isreal and looking forward to the story of David!! Miss getting around more…maybe soon!!

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