welcome back, jenn

you know it’s been a long time since you’ve posted when your name doesn’t show up on sign in page of greymatter!
i am so sorry i’ve been away so long. this week has been CRAZY!!! wednesday i worked a little later and was just too tired to get on, or to fight with jerry over the computer – he wants to use it all the time too. i can’t begrudge him that, because he’s been working on faithfulfamily for me some 😉 thursday, as soon as we came home, we had to go shopping. we didn’t get home until 830!!!! i ate and went to bed. you remember the cd by steven curtis chapman i said i was going to hint at? well, i hinted and hinted and hinted. no success. so at the store that night i said, do you just want me to tell you what i want?? and he said yes, i told him, and he went to get it! LOL. yesterday (happy valentine’s day everyone and thank you SOOOOO much for your v-cards! 🙂 i was able to get off work early, since i’d had this appointment with the fertility dr for over a month, i couldn’t cancel it. (btw i posted in precious dreams about my visit!!!) then almost immediately after that, i’d scheduled a physical with my dr, so that got me off from work the rest of the day! yay! so after that, jerry and i went to ponderosa (after coming home and asking grampa if he’d like to go with us. he said no. he hates going out in the cold.) after we ate at ponderosa, and after a little fight (nothing serious), we went to a movie. we saw daredevil. it was good but don’t take your kids. there’s a scene that was entirely inappropriate. i love hearing jerry complain about things like that, after he sees little kids in a theatre with a movie that is inappropriate for kids. i just know he’ll be such a great papa!! after the movie we headed home and i asked grampa what he wanted to eat, and made it for him, then crashed on the couch, listened to my new cd, which i will be featuring on this site, and watched the abc family movie ‘the one’.
now that everyone is bored out of their minds i figure i should go. i have neglected the housework all week (though jerry has done it a few times) and i need to get lots of things done. even though i feel horrible!!
love and hugs! don’t forget to read precious dreams!

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  1. i love to neglect housecleaning, its my hobby. 🙂 loce you

    i love to neglect housecleaning, its my hobby. 🙂 loce you

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