i do not remember being so exhausted in a long time. totally, like my body feels like it’s out of service. i’m sorry i haven’t been visiting people lately, but i’m sooo tired, and jerry and i have the same hours, so he wants to use the computer at the same time i do. he’s in the shower right now so i’m sneaking on.
please know i still love you and will try to visit you soon!!
i was in the room alone today and OH MY it was hard. one little girl is new, so she kept crying unless i held her in the rocking chair, and of course, there is NO time for that. they have all these schedule rules! you have to change the kids every two hours, or have the pottying kids go potty every hour, you have to have lunch cleaned up before you have nap, you have to sweep, mop, do an extra cleaning chore, oh my i could go on and on. i am just SO tired!!!!! i really hardly have a minute to spend time with the kids, unless it’s during potty/changing time! tomorrow i’ll be alone again, so pray for me to have strength. i know once i get into the routine of it, it will be easier. anybody have any suggestions for getting young twos to clean up? the normal ‘clean up’ songs aren’t working for me. i know there is still time for them to get into it – no one has been trying to get them to clean up. one in particular, who’s not yet two, loves to get toys out – throw them around – and laugh about it. i’m really working on him…
i am having fun but really i don’t get paid enough for how much work is involved. it is really crazy. and i’m trying not to, but again, i just keep thinking, but i want MY OWN KIDS!!!!!
well i’m going to try to visit people while my wonderful BELOVED husband is making dinner!!! yes, he cleaned the house and is now making dinner for us!!!!!!! what a wonderful catch i have! 🙂 🙂 forget valentine’s day – he is always good to me 🙂
this or that tuesday
1. Bacon or sausage? i like both, but sausage better
2. Eggs: scrambled or not? scrambled with cheese mixed in
3. French toast or regular toast? either
4. Pancakes or waffles? pancakes
5. Muffins or bagels? both – depends on my mood
7. Juice: orange or grapefruit? neither. i like grape!!
8. Hot or cold cereal? Depends on the time of year
9. To put in cereal: bananas or strawberries (or some other fruit)? i like both, also blueberries
10. Eat breakfast at home or at a restaurant? home, unless it’s a special occasion or something.

God’s blessings, love and hugs,

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  1. Hey Jenn! Sounds like you have your hands full with your new jo
    Hey Jenn! Sounds like you have your hands full with your new job but I know you are loving every minute of it. Isn’t it nice when hubbies hop in to help out around the house? My hubby is a HUGE help, too. Makes us feel really loved when they help out. Get lots of rest! You’re going to need it with all the two year olds! Hugs & Kisses

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