hi! 🙂 notice i have a NEW song playing!! don’t worry if you loved the others, i’m now making a ‘featured songs page’ so you can listen to any song you love 🙂 i always have the lyrics too.

well my thumb is almost completely healed! the old skin has peeled, and it’s all pink and new now hehe. it still hurts a tiny bit but it’s mostly ok.

ok, today you won’t believe what that girl told me. i don’t know who has worked in childcare/preschool before, but it is a state board of health regulation for teachers to spray the changing table with bleach solution and wipe it with paper towels after every diaper changing. of course, after all my years, i knew this. well, the girl tells me, don’t do that, it’s a waste of time, just spray it at the end when you’re done with all the kids. HELLOOOOOO no way!!! i didn’t say anything, but i mentioned it to the assistant director when she asked me how things with this lady were going. she told me that it was her fault the last lady left – that this girl scared her off!!!! i told her she is bossy and irritating but i think she means well. i just can hardly wait to get her out of my room!! the assistant director understood and kind of agreed with me. so at least i know it’s not all in my head!!!!! lol!!!

well i am SO tired but getting the hang of it now. oh, i’m not working 630 anymore – starting tomorrow i’ll be working from 7-4. an extra half hour of sleep! YAY!

the kids are SOOOOO precious and fun!! one girl likes to give kisses and hugs after she’s been reprimanded! LOL – i keep having to turn my face so she’ll get my cheek because she wants to do a lip kiss!! she’s so adorable. she says, i LOVE you jenn! hehe! these kids are so desparate for affection. i know i’m affectionate so it’s easier for kids to feel comfortable around me and love me, but they just really need love. it’s so sad!!

this is off the work subject, but a week ago, i went into my old childcare job to get something and also say hi, and i went into my ‘kids’ room – they were in the twos when i had them so they’re now in the threes – i gave them all hugs and lovins and then i had to say good bye. and one of them, an adorable little girl who LOVED me to death when i worked there, said, ‘i love you too’ LOL. i hadn’t said i love you, but she’s so used to saying a response to i love you, that she just said i love you too out of habit. it was so adorable!!!

well anyways i need to get going. i am making some cds for work tomorrow. 🙂

love and hugs!!!!
God bless!

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  1. Hi Jenn, so glad your enjoying the job so far even if the ladie
    Hi Jenn, so glad your enjoying the job so far even if the ladie is a pain. I know you’ll do what’s right. 🙂 And that your thunmb is better. I like your idea of a song page!! Be sure and post when you have it ready. I am always asked every time I visit to download the mp3 even if I’ve already down loaded it. Could you know why? I have window media player and it plays them after their downloaded. It’s kind of annoying to be asked everytime though when I already have once. LOL.. any suggestions? Love you dear friend!! Your special request remains in my prayers. ~hugs~

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