well i gave in and put up a stop button. i also put a new song on. so if you want to stop it, listen to it first. i decided it is nicer to people to do that, since i have gone to other places where the song blares out and covers over a song i’m listening to. oh well. i guess it’s not a big deal – i just want people to at least listen to music i put on my site, because more often than not, they are VERY meaningful.

well, i did mention grampa and kc did fine without me. kc is realizing now this is more permanent than he’d thought, so he was REALLY excited to see me yesterday. i don’t know what’s going on while i’m gone, but all seems to be well. i just hope kc doesn’t get fed too much bad stuff….

we’re going out to o’charley’s tonight to celebrate my sis in law’s birthday. it’s also going to count as our valentine’s dinner, because we are low on funds and don’t want to overdo things right now! o’charley’s is not for the poor like us, but it’s what she picked ;P

hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. jen and autumn are heavy on my heart today, as jen is sick and autumn is going through the loss of an adoption. please pray for them with me!!

God bless!
love and hugs,

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  1. wow, great song that is. have a nice weekend!

    wow, great song that is. have a nice weekend!

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