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well, i’m back from my first day on the job. and boy am i exhausted!!!! my feet and back are killing me. i only got to be with two of my kids because half the place is sick! so i was with another teacher and the older kids. i was a bit annoyed when the kids flocked to me and wanted hugs, to sit on my lap, hold my hand, etc and the other teacher kept telling them to stop and telling me they’re not allowed to do that. HELLO! these kids are away from their moms and dads, so of course they’re craving affection!!! i didn’t say anything to her but you can bet when i have the kids in my room on my own they’ll be getting plenty of love!!! i am simply unable to NOT be an affectionate teacher, and if she doesn’t like me because she’s jealous the kids like me more, that’s her problem. humph! that’s how i feel about that!! another thing that annoyed me was there is only construction paper – no scrap paper for kids to just color on when they want. AND there is no tape player in my room. GASP! i know! i couldn’t believe it either. i’m going to ask if i can bring one in because i LOVE music – i like to have some sort of music in the room to make the mood – either loud, dancin’ stuff, or slow, calming stuff. music is such a great helper! i just can’t be without a tape player in my room. anyway, my kids are REALLY cute and sweet. ornery, but what more can you expect from two year olds???? i think i will have fun once i get to be with just them without the other teacher and class. don’t get me wrong, i liked the other kids too, and i liked the teacher (even though what i mentioned above annoyed me, she is really nice), but i like being in my own room, ya know??
thanks everyone for all the prayers and well-wishings!!!!! it means a bunch to me! kc and grampa survived without me 🙂
oh, and i noticed no one was being bad about sam and frodo today. thank you. i AM serious – i WILL remove the tag board if i see any more slasher stuff – and that’s what it’s called when you talk about frodo and sam liking each other as MORE THAN FRIENDS. it’s sick and wrong and i WON’T have it on my site!
God bless, love and hugs,

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  1. i’m glad things went well today and hope that you get to do all
    i’m glad things went well today and hope that you get to do all kinds of fun stuff with your kids!! 🙂 i’m sick too now … fever, aches, etc. pray for me… 🙂 love you!

  2. Oh come on Jenn, the Sam/Frodo posters are just having a bit of
    Oh come on Jenn, the Sam/Frodo posters are just having a bit of fun. You gotta admit, they’re adorable! (Er, Sam/Frodo. I have no idea what the posters look like.)

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