prayer request

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well jerry and i have been lying in bed worrying. worrying about me being gone tomorrow. after all this excitement has worn off, we are worrying about kc, about grampa and about the two of them!! see, kc will miss me terribly. grampa will miss not having someone in the house all the time. grampa doesn’t have the best of memories, so we’re worried about kc being alone with grampa for a long period of time. grampa also has a bad habit of feeding kc things he shouldn’t. we don’t want him to leave him in the garage or outside and forget where he is (which has happened before). we don’t want something happening to grampa with no one home! just please pray that they will both be safe and keep each other company. pray that the Lord’s hands and eyes will be on them all day. i feel like a mother leaving her children with a babysitter! this is one reason i KNOW i HAVE to be a stay at home mom – i could NOT leave my kids to work. i just know i couldn’t.
please pray pray pray!
also pray for me that i can make it through the day alright – i have to be at work at 630 am!!! wowwwww!
love and hugs (and sweet dreams for me!)

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  1. Lin

    My dear friend…Grampa and KC will be just fine today as you st
    My dear friend…Grampa and KC will be just fine today as you start your new adventure with the lil tikes! Go to work and enjoy yourself. I can’t wait to read about how great your day was. Good luck!!! Hugs & kisses ~ Lin

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