great news!

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well i have great news! i got the job i applied for and wanted!!! i’m really excited about it. before long there will probably be lots of little stories about ‘my kids’ here! they are two years old – and that age is full of fun and little tidbits of wisdom!!!
also, grampa is paying for our car to be repaired!! i’m so thankful for this! he promised it months ago, but finally he has told us he will really do it, and he and jerry are out now getting it fixed.
i am so full of happiness i feel i’ll burst.
oh also you may notice the song on my site!!! click ‘Song Playing’ on the sidebar for the lyrics and a little note from me about it! let me know what you think of the lovely diddy too 😉
well i need to go order a pizza in celebration (plus it was on the menu already! LOL)
love and hugs and blessings!

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  1. Nancze

    Congradulations on the new job!! I pray it’s everything you hop
    Congradulations on the new job!! I pray it’s everything you hoped it would be. Sending you some specil ~hugs~ Love ya!

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