circle of words part 2:

2. Most of us think of artists as someone who paints, sculps, writes, acts, and so on. But this is untrue. Each one of us is an artist. We all create a unique work of art everday of our lives. We each do something unlike anyone else, which in turn makes us unique. Every choice you make creates some type of art. In what ways do you see yourself as an artist? And is there anything you would like to do to show your creative side that you are not doing already? i am already an artist in every sense…i sing, i draw, i write, i craft, i make websites, and i enjoy cooking. i would like to learn to crochet/knit and to play an instrument. i know when i am a mama i will be a great artist – helping create a new life!!!

tuesday this or that:

1. Morning or night person? afternoon. seriously. my best time is from noon to 9 pm. pretty sad huh? LOL
2. Heavy or light sleeper? in between. heavy once i’m there, unless i need to go to the bathroom…
3. Remember your dreams or not? usually. and they are odd!
4. Do you need a lot of sleep, or just a little? a lot.
5. Do you need something like a nightlight or TV to sleep, or do you prefer complete darkness? i need it totally dark. BUT for my ears i need some sort of white noise – we use a fan. yes, even in the winter – it points away from us.
6. Flannel sheets or some other kind? cotton usually
7. One pillow, or more? 3
8. Bedroom door opened or closed at night? used to be closed, but we’ve been trying it open (unless we’re … ya know)
9. Wrap yourself into blankets like a cocoon, or just cover yourself with them? cover
10. Alarm clock: wake to music or buzzer? don’t use one right now, but i always use buzzer. i love music and don’t think it would wake me up.

not much to say this morning. jerry is off today so i’m hoping to get some errands done – get a physical maybe, go get my criminal history check (whoopee to both). i also have some old bosses to get a hold of – i can’t find any of them in the phonebook. i want as many people i can find because the new director said the more experience i have had, the more i’ll get paid. never had a childcare place say that before! 🙂 oh, they also have insurance!! i really like this place, so i’m praying i will get it…i even got to meet some of the kids who will be in my class if i get it – they’re the 2s class! it’s funny, i almost always end up with 2s, even before i tell anyone my favorite age – which in real life is infants but in a classroom setting i love 2s. infants are fun in the classroom too but sometimes i’m bored with them after being with the 2s so much! if that makes no sense let me know. i know it will be different with my OWN babies. i’m just babbling anyhow.
love n hugs!

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