awww look what jenn sent me:

The Site Fights Blooming Baskets

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unfortunately i don’t know which jenn it’s from. is it jenn from cozy treasures? or bear’s babble jenn? help!! LOL thanks to whoever 🙂

also i decided to do candi’s circle of words, with nancze’s idea of only doing one a day! it seemed so overwhelming the other way!

1. Are you a leader or a follower? Do you ever wear that wild and crazy shirt out to dinner even though it’s too young or too not you? Or do you stick with the styles for your appropriate age and such? What if you received a handmade beaded necklace from your daughter or friend that was just a little over the top…would you wear it with pride or tuck it away in a drawer? Do you wear your hair like the latest trend..or do you just wear it as it is what works for you? i have a leader sort of personality, being the oldest child, but it depends on what mood i’m in and who i’m with. i can be a bit bossy or a bit of a pushover, depending on how comfortable i am with the other person. it is a major problem in my marriage, since my hubby is a youngest child (always needs to be mothered) and i’m an oldest child (always need to mother). i have a problem submitting to him. but this is something i’m praying about and working on. / i wear whatever i want. for example, i still wear the overalls i wore in hs and college, and i love this strange blue camoflage shirt. if i was thin again i would wear baby tees. i just wear what is comfortable and what i want, no matter what. / that is a tough one because i am not a jewelry person. i am sure i would wear it at least once, just out of love – i have worn bracelets my sister made for me on several occasions even though they weren’t ‘in’. / i wear my hair however i want to – i used to have long straight hair (hippy-ish) which was not in style, but i was me. i wish i could grow it out that way again but it’s so limp and split endy. i just do whatever i can to look ok, in my and my hubby’s opinion, not society’s opinion…

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