ok gals i just found out that steven curtis chapman’s new album is all LOVE songs. it’s a collection of songs that he wrote for his wifey! he gathered up different love letters and cards he’s written to her through the years, and wrote the songs on the album
All About Love
! there are a few he’s done before, and one is a remake, but i’m going to mention it SEVERAL times to jerry and see if he gets the hint and buys it for me for valentine’s day LOL if not that’s fine but i want to see if it works. why don’t you do the same? 🙂 one of the songs is a love song for his adopted daughter. you HAVE to see it!!!! it is so beautiful. not only is earthly adoption a precious miracle, so is the spiritual adoption, when our Heavenly Father adopts us into His family. i can never hear this song without crying for BOTH reasons.

well i stayed home from church today. i am feeling icky and also very unsocial. i know it’s not good of me but my body is still feeling totally wrong. sigh. please keep praying for me!

i was trying to edit the baby names section of baby names and beyond but my ftp program won’t connect! blah to it. i have added some new names, and i want even non-members to be able to add names. if you haven’t checked out my baby name section, please do. i want to add names of all people i know, and even your kids’ names. just use the contact form to send me names i don’t have – and you don’t have to know the meaning or anything. usually i can find all the info myself. 🙂

love n hugs!