well jerry took my stitches out this morning. he has the day off. it hurt REALLY bad. i cried tears of pain. but they are now out and the bandaid is on and it feels ok now. not great, but ok.
we are having some financial troubles. with all the fertility visits, drugs and treatments, plus my visit to the er for my thumb, on top of our financial aid repayment for college, we are getting in the hole. thankfully we have no credit card bills (we don’t use credit cards anymore after a small pain with one), hardly any bills at home. but me not having a job is really weighing us down financially. i HAVE to find a job – any job at this point. if i go into one knowing i won’t like it, i won’t be disappointed right? LOL. jerry has an appointment with the post office in a week. please pray that he gets a job with them! they have better insurance and better pay. i am thinking of putting a paypal button on at precious dreams because we are using money in savings (that was for baby gigowski) to pay for bills. this may sound cheesy, but i’ve seen other people do it. maybe someone will donate for my future baby. what are your thoughts about this? am i being a dork? of course, but is it plausible?
well i plan to post some new stuff on precious dreams today. i’m going to put my stats – where i have been and where i am now. also there’s a new song on there…and i’m going to post on the blog.
i hope everyone is having a better day than i am!
love n hugs

6 thoughts on “stitches out

  1. you aren’t a dork. 🙂 iam! hehe

    you aren’t a dork. 🙂 iam! hehe

  2. Sorry it hurt so bad…I had stitches after surgery (first I eve
    Sorry it hurt so bad…I had stitches after surgery (first I ever had) I wasn’t looking forward to having them out but my hubby told me you don’t feel a thing!! I wanted to ring his neck when I got home…the knot had healed under the skin…when the nurse began to pull it hurt so bad I begged her to leave them in but she said "we can’t do that" I thought no you love to torture people too much *L* Hope your thumb is all better soon!! Sorry you guys are having money problems…we’ve been living that nightmare for a while now…like you I don’t work but with 3 little ones if I had a job it would be to pay for daycare!! I say go for it…if someone feesl the need to give towards a wonderful dream, let them 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!! Love ya!!

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