thursday – one day til the end LOL

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well i can hardly believe it’s been almost a week since my accidental encounter with a knife. tomorrow jerry is supposed to take my stitches out. i know he’ll do a good job – he does it all the time at work. besides, almost all the pain is gone now! yay! 🙂

trying new memes today – thursday thumb twiddler // thursday three

thursday thumb twiddler:

1. When was the last time you ever walked out of a movie while it was still playing on screen? Or have you ever? i have done this twice. once was when i was with friends (jerry was one of them) and the movie was jackie brown. i was offended by all the cussing in it and i had to walk out. jerry walked out with me. we talked while we waited for everyone else to come out, and he remembers me being mean and rude to him. i remember joking with him a lot – defense mechanism. lol. the second time was at me myself and irene – we walked out when jim carrey started nursing from a woman in a public area – i almost threw up. never felt the same about the guy since. that is disgusting.

2. What sort of things would you do if you could be as outgoing and uninhibited as you wish? i have no idea. i think being inhibited makes us more human. it’s when we get uninhibited that we are out of control and insane. acting like animals is not what God intended of us.

3. In an expensive restaurant, after a very nice, enjoyable meal, the waitress brings you your check. You notice you didn’t get charged for one of the items. What, if anything, do you do? it depends on how the waitress was. if she was good, i would tell her. if she was bad, i wouldn’t tell her. sounds mean, but maybe it would get her fired. LOL can you tell i’ve never been a waitress??? jerry always says i don’t care about them because i’ve never been one. i like to be fair though…

thursday three:

Echoes: What sound do you hear from time to time that immediately draws up an echo from the past? certain songs make me think of my childhood. i can’t name any right now, but if i heard any i could tell you. 😉

Visions: …and what about something you might see now and again that evokes a scene from days gone by? hmmmm i must say not a lot of sight-things make me remember things. sorry.

Memories: “Misty water color memories”? Is there a painting or a picture you like to look back on just to remember a certain time or place? i love looking at my childhood photo album. they seemed like such fun times. no certain place i like to think of though.

personally i think smell and taste are much bigger memory triggers!!! when i smell a certain food being cooked i think of my grandma. or when i smell lilacs i ALWAYS think of her because they were her favorite. when i taste cotton candy or elephant ears i remember going to the circus or the fair as a child….
well i am very hungry so i need to get something to eat. have a great day!
God bless!
love n hugs!


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  1. Lynne

    WOW!! Someone’s been rearranging…looks really good!! This is
    WOW!! Someone’s been rearranging…looks really good!! This is the second of my reads that has chnaged things around and added new graphics…it’s a nice surprise!! Hope the stitches come out fine!! *HUGS*

  2. Tammy

    Hey honey! How are ya? I’ve been really bad about blog hopping
    Hey honey! How are ya? I’ve been really bad about blog hopping lately. I’ve been so wrapped up in my Bible reading that I am totally devoting all my time to that. Not necessarily a bad thing, though 😉 I pray you are doing well and I hope to catch you online one of these days real soon. Big hugs!! xoxo

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