well, i have been waiting a few days to hear back from the dr. about my meds, and i called again to find something out. jerry says ‘oh, i forgot to tell you – the dr said your meds should be ready to be picked up’.

i said, ‘when was this? monday?’


ggggrrrrrrr! men!!!!

so today i have to go pick it up. i hope it’s nicer to me than the glucophage was.

as for the diet, it seems to be going ok. i am starting to feel better. the only thing is, i get really hungry really soon. like, before, i would get hungry and then fix dinner soon, and be fine. NOW if i get hungry, i have to eat immediately! the food needs to be almost ready because i’m starving within minutes of just being hungry. crazy, huh?

ok, i think that’s it for now.

God bless!

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