winter welcome!

winter welcome!

well what do you think about the new layout? i found this adorable tube and had to use it! 🙂

i just wanted to leave a quick message to say i hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! i had a wonderful time with my family on Christmas eve and Christmas day! 🙂 and i was SOOO proud of KC when the family came over here – he only had a problem in the beginning, and after that he did great! 🙂 yay!

who was it that ordered the snow? we got TONS! thankfully i haven’t heard of any accidents, and all my family is safe and sound 🙂 it looks SOOO lovely though – i will have to take pictures to show you!

speaking of pictures, i received a bunch of wonderful gifts (including a digital camera!) and everyone liked the gifts i gave them 🙂 except most of the clothes given and received don’t fit LOL but can be exchanged easily.

God bless you!

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  1. Hi Jenn, I love the new look. I am so blad your Christmas was n
    Hi Jenn, I love the new look. I am so blad your Christmas was nice. Oh wonderful that you got a new camera. I would love to have a good one. Mine just doesn’t take good pics. But I really didn’t expect it to for the price. 48.00 LOL.. As always in this life you get what you pay for. Happy New Year my friend!!

  2. HI there Sweet Pea!

    I have been reading all over the place here
    HI there Sweet Pea!

    I have been reading all over the place here, for the past 2 hours! Goodness me, it’s 2:40 a.m. now! : ) But I enjoyed my visit so much, and wanted to tell you so! This is my first time to come here, and I’ll have to mark you so I can return! Thank you for your recent comments in my journal – they have encouraged me greatly!

    You sound like a sweetheart, and one who is passionate about the things she believes/loves! My kinda girl! : ) I’ve enjoyed reading about you and Jerry! I read his pages as well! I guess you know from visiting me, that after 23 years of marriage WE fell in love this year!! LOL!! It’s never too late, but I am proud that you began the right way!

    You hang in there and the Lord will make the way clear about babies. One way or another, you can have babies. Every day there are precious ones born, who NEED, DESPERATELY need loving parents such as you guys! Don’t forget dear Joseph, who loved his son JESUS!! You could do that too! The Lord just might have one special one in His heart already . . handpicked by HIM – for YOU. Just a thought! Only the Lord knows! But I hope He will give you at least one, by birth since it is your heart’s desire!

    I better make my way on to bed but I’ll be coming back! You take care!

    Love and hugs!

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