saturday eight

saturday eight

well it’s been forever since i’ve used a blog help, or ‘meme’ as they are called for some unknown reason. but since the saturday eight was all about celebrating Jesus’ birthday, i couldn’t resist! 🙂

Saturday-8: “Jesus of Nazareth”

  1. Based on your own belief and faith: Who is Jesus?

    Jesus is God and He is the Son of God. He is Christ, the Messiah, the Saviour of the earth. He is my Lord and Saviour and King of my heart.

  2. When was the first time you heard about That Name?

    oh i’d heard of Him since before birth! i knew that Jesus loved me even then. (yes, i’m very intuative 😉

  3. If your first language is not English, or if you knew other language than English: How do you spell and pronounce “Jesus”?

    n/a though i’ve heard it pronounced ‘Hay – soos’ 😉

  4. What is His best physical feature, based on the pictures you see?

    we do not have an accurate physical picture of Jesus, so this is n/a. besides that, looks matter squat anyhow for anyone, let alone God!

  5. If Jesus still lived on earth today, what do you think He might be wearing?

    probably something His mother made Him.

  6. Do you believe in Angels? Explain.

    yes i do, but not as most believe them to be. i know there are some that have wings, but not all, and some have six wings! i don’t believe they are male or female. they are not humans who died and became angels. they are a totally separate species than humans, but they take human form when they want to be visible. i believe we have guardian angels that the Lord gives us to help protect us. we are NOT to pray to angels. we are NOT to worship angels.

  7. What is your religion? Do you practice it?

    my FAITH is Christianity. and i LIVE it.

  8. If you had a chance to have a dinner with God – just you and God – what is the main personal thing you want to ask from Him? What would be the first question you might ask Him?

    i would ask Him what He’s trying to teach me with this infertility thing. i would ask Him why He ever let sin come into the picture. and i would tell Him how much i love Him and am thankful for His love and everything He’s done for me.


guess what? we got a REAL TREE! yay! growing up and even since we’ve been married, i’ve never had a real Christmas tree! and i HATE the fake ones. i would much rather smell the fresh pine, even if it’s a little pain to go get one. we got a cute little one to put on top of a table and it looks so cute! if i had a working camera at the moment i would take a picture. :/ anyway, i’m very thankful to have it!

jerry gave me my big CHristmas present early – the roxio cd recorder! it is great. except after i burned a cd with mp3s of Christmas songs, we realized none of our cd players are mp3 capable. BUMMER! only the computer can play it hehe. serves me right for not checking first, right? oh well. one day we’ll be able to play it – maybe next Christmas! hehe.

well i need to do some blog hoppin. please continue to pray for me. not only am i longing for a child even more (Christmas is Jesus’ birthday, and you can’t help thinking of babies), i am missing my grandma a lot. this is her house, and putting up her Christmas ornaments is killing me! she always loved Christmas and made it so special. :*( i know she is going to be celebrating Christmas with Jesus Himself – it’s me and my family i feel sad about. we just miss her so much!


oh, don’t forget to check out my more than 100 things about me page. i went a bit overboard, but i had fun. i still haven’t added all the strange stuff about me. i never knew i was interesting before. maybe it just interests me anyhow LOL.

love ya’ll 🙂

2 thoughts on “saturday eight

  1. Hey Sweetie! Great quiz about Jesus!! It was so neat to read &
    Hey Sweetie! Great quiz about Jesus!! It was so neat to read & what a wonderful testimony!!

    Cool about the real tree!! We’ve had one almost all my life but every year we mess up & the sap stops running … we’ve had to buy 2 trees some christmases cuz we’re so bad with real trees… i’m almost ready for an artifical. 😉

    You are in my heart & on my mind & in my prayers this week. I am really working against the depression this Christmas too.. hang in there sweetie! If you need me, I’m around during the Holidays!! I’m just an email away 😉

    Big hugs & love xoxo

  2. I wanted to drop by to wish you a Merry and Blessed Christmas Je
    I wanted to drop by to wish you a Merry and Blessed Christmas Jenn ! MAy all your wishes come true in 2003 !
    Angel Hugs and Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!

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