these are using pics from jeremiah’s first Christmas and his first birthday. 🙂 hard to believe he’s almost three, isn’t it?!

what are your thanksgiving plans? i am SO THANKFUL that my husband is going to be off for thanksgiving! i’m so very excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we will be going to my parents’ house. i believe my brother will be the only other family member present. that makes me so sad. i remember when we celebrated thanksgiving with lots of people…

i hope everyone had a great weekend. God bless!

4 thoughts on “Old-School…

  1. Those are so cute! It’s very hard to believe how fast our boys are growing up. Blows my mind that Cole will be three in 8 days.

    We’ll be at my sisters for Thanksgiving. Todd is spending Thanksgiving at Disney with his grandma, isn’t he lucky?

  2. He was, actually still is, such a cutie! I think he looks a lot like Grandpa.

    Yeah, don’t feel bad about Thanksgiving. I remember when we used to have a house full of people at my grandparent’s house. Now we can’t even get just a few people all together at one house. Sad.

    We are celebrating just our own little family this year. We can’t make it out of town to visit familly, due to various reasons. But we will make it fun anyway!

  3. We’ll be going to Joe’s parents’ house for Thanksgiving, like we always do… And there will be a houseful! (I think I’d rather stay home… 😉 )


  4. awww…thanks for sharing those pictures. He sure has grown. What a cutie! We are going to Alan’s aunt’s for Thanksgiving. They like to cook and always make lots and lots of food. The whole family will be there. I can’t wait!!

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