Oh I Forgot

Oh I Forgot

i forgot to mention what josiah did yesterday morning. i went in their room to find jeremiah’s potty spilled all over. josiah had poured the pee from the container into the rest of the potty, then dumped that over. oh i was so upset with him! i still can’t believe he did it. it took me a while to forgive him yesterday. but he’s so adorable and sweet i can’t hold it against him forever. 😛
and i also keep forgetting to mention to julie – josiah absolutely LOVES the quilt you made him. he wasn’t allowed to use it in his crib, because of my fear of suffocation. but he has used it in the pack ‘n’ play for quite some time. he asks for his “ball blankie”. and now he ONLY wants to use that one in his new big boy bed. it’s really cute – i tried to cover it up with others last night, so he would be warm enough, but he wouldn’t have it. he said “don wannit” about any other blanket. too cute!! just thought i’d tell you that your quilt is loved! 🙂

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  1. I’m so glad Josiah loves his quilt!!! I really need to start on Jamin’s! (And now that I’ve left GP, I will have the time to do so!) … But a certain someone has not told me what colors she wants 😉 😉 😉

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