Number three: Be honest

Number six: 30 ways to encourage others in 30 days

Number three: Be honest

Number three: Be honest

Whoa, I can hear you saying. How does being honest encourage anyone?!

Well, one of the things a person with the Spiritual Gift of Encouragement does is be open and honest with others. Normally, they have the tact to implement the truth well. (I am one who fails at the tact part all too often!)

The Gift of Encouragement is also known as the Gift of Exhortation. The idea is that a person pushes others on toward a closer relationship in Christ; in being their best for God; in becoming the person God wants them to be.

That can’t happen if a person stays in the same spot and doesn’t plan to grow. Sometimes growth means trimming rotting branches now and then.

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We all need friends who are our biggest cheerleaders and also the ones who can pull us aside to lovingly let us know where our flaws our, where we could improve, where we need God to work in us a little bit more.

So what do you think? Is there someone who you have been feeling a tug to be honest with about something? Maybe now would be a good time to do it.

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