Number four: How are you?

Number six: 30 ways to encourage others in 30 days

Number four: How are you?

Number four: How are you?

When you see someone, ask her sincerely how she are doing.

These days, most people ask this in a quick, flippant way, with no intention of listening to the response. It’s become as common as saying “Hi!” with the response of “Hello” or “Howdy.”

I now try not to even ask how someone is doing unless I have time to listen to them answer. Because I really would like to know, but sometimes I am in too big of a hurry to listen.

Listening to how someone is doing encourages her because she knows that someone cares about her life. It lets her know she’s not alone.

Try this sometime when you’re alone out to eat or in a checkout line. Look in your server/waitresses/cashier’s eyes and ask her “How are you doing today?”

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