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Newest Jerry Update * update3

well, i called the on-call heart dr, and he told me to give jerry more meds (because, i didn’t mention this – he has been taking his meds consistently since the other day he had the out-of-rhythm episode), push fluids, and let him rest. he said if he wasn’t feeling right in about five hours, to still go into the hospital. i’ve been letting him rest, and he still thinks he’ll have to go to the hospital. we are praying the Lord will just take it away so he doesn’t have to go.

sorry my updating has been so bad. i left out a huge chunk of time that you guys have probably been worrying. 🙁 i got a nap in myself, and mom got a little nap too.

please keep praying. thanks so much.

ok we’re going to the hospital. 🙁 please pray.

jerry is coming home from the hospital. we aren’t very happy – he was there for a few hours and they finally said they couldn’t do the electro-shock-thingy on a weekend. okaaaaaaaay so why did he have to stay so long to be told that???????????? GGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRR

5 thoughts on “Newest Jerry Update * update3”

  1. Meesh

    I wish I could bring you to Canada and Jerry could have free healthcare. Will he eventually need a pacemaker?

  2. I hope Jerry is feeling better. It must be difficult trying to take care of the boys when this is going on.
    Keep us updated!

  3. i’m sorry to hear that jerry is in bad condition. i’ll pray for him. stay positive. positive energy can be so powerful. **hug**

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