we have a new product: jerry made some adorable designs that we are going to be using for shirts and anything else we can think of. we have all sorts of animals, and we’re coming up with more things every day!!!

here is josiah, modeling his new monkey boy shirt! jerry and i made that monkey graphic, and i added the text. we are hoping people really like this as much as we do!!!



if you can think of a good name for the product, please let me know. we were thinking “THE BMC BUNCH” but we want to put “A BMC ORIGINAL” on it, and those two together will sound really lame. so any help would be great!!!!

update! well it’s been a year, LOL, but we came up with a name! Lil’ Characters! and we have a new site for it! visit lil’ Characters today! 

hope everyone has had a great week. have a wonderful weekend! GOD BLESS!

4 thoughts on “New Product!

  1. Cute shirt! 😆 Amanda needs a shirt that says “Trouble never looked so cute” too! 😉 She’s not a monkey, but trouble? 😉

  2. How cute! I am really horrible about names, so no help there, but oh, they are so cute! 🙂

  3. how adorable! I bet they’ll sell well!

  4. Adorable!! My creative cortex isn’t turned on right now, but I’m sure you’ll come up with a great name.

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