New Nephew!

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congratulations to my sister in law and brother! cooper robert was born tonight! i’m still waiting on stats, so i’ll update with those tomorrow. our sweet little reagan is now a big sister!! 🙂

also, jamin’s quilt from “aunt julie” arrived last night. i got a few pics of him on it tonight – will have to post tomorrow. it is GORGEOUS. thanks so much, julie!!!!

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  1. Julie

    Looks like SIL was a few days off… But still pretty close!

    Congrats on the new nephew! That’s awesome!!!

    Glad you like the quilt! 😀

    Love you!

  2. Julie

    P.S. Let me know what he thinks of the tags… 😉

  3. nikki

    Congrats on becoming an aunt again! ((hugs))
    And wow..your boys sure are growing!

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