New Hair

i got a haircut today, and also colored it myself. i can’t tell a big difference with the color…but oh well.

i went to great clips. i picked up the mail on my way out, but didn’t look at it. the haircut was 12 bucks. when i got home and looked through the mail, i saw a great clips coupon for 3.99. AAAAAAHHHHHHH! and it expires 8.31. yeah, nice huh?!

i’m still feeling pretty bad. soooo tired. soooo sore. soooo crampy and contraxy. soooo ready!!!

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  1. nikki

    Your hair is soo pretty. My hair was about that long before I had Rhiannon, but I got it all cut off LOL. I have been wanting it to grow back out, but I get tired of it and end up getting it cut..

    Oh, my site is back up, for now..I am still going to get another host just as soon as I get the extra cash..

  2. scrapwithnikki

    Wow you’re hair is gorgeous! I think it looks awesome! I really miss my full and thick hair I had when I we pg, now it’s all fallen out and it’s stringy and yucky LOL. You’re almost there, praying for you sweetie!

  3. Julie

    I think you look great Jenn!

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