My Thanksliving Journal – New Product

My Thanksliving Journal – New Product

Hey, all! It’s been a while! I’ve been working on a journal of thanks for a long time. I kept needing to edit and update it for various reasons.

But I think it’s finally ready! My Thanksliving Journal is available for FREE for a limited time. On December 26, it will be at its full introductory price of $8.99. So grab it while it’s free, and tell a friend to sign up too, if you like it.

If you’re unfamiliar with our site, I’m Jenn, half of the team here at Jerry and I love God, are so thankful for our Savior and our salvation, and love our family.

We are blessed with four sons who are on the Autism Spectrum. They are absolutely amazing and we love our lives with them!

As with any family though, special needs or not, there are days that are tough and tiring and days that are joyful and thrilling and lots of ho-hum days in between.

On the most discouraging days, it can be difficult to find something to be thankful for. This is one of the reasons I wanted to make a Thanksliving Journal! I need it myself to pull out and remind me of how blessed I am.

Even the name of our site is a reminder to count every blessing and to praise the Lord for the works of His hands. How do we so easily forget to acknowledge and glorify Him every moment for everything we don’t deserve?

In this book, first you’ll find information about gratitude, thanksgiving and thanksliving. Then you’ll see the actual journal, to print and fill in daily. It contains verses, quotes, and gratitude prompts to get you started. The journal is set up to be extremely flexible for your needs. You can work through prompts day by day or skip around. You can fill out one page a day or three. Honestly, there is no right or wrong way to practice thankfulness. Lastly you’ll find a couple printable poems and verses.

I pray this tool is a blessing as you journey towards a more thankful heart!

God bless!


I’m sorry, but this is no longer free. It will be up for sale in the shop soon!

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