My Stupid Thing

Well I know everyone is on pins and needles wondering what the stupid thing I did is…
We are planning to put some shelves up above our washer and dryer. They were given to us by my parents, well I suppose really by my brother. They weren’t in great shape, but that’s fine.
I decided to save Jerry time, I would paint them. I also decided to let the boys help. They don’t get to help out enough with things around here, and I knew they would love painting. Both of these ideas were fine, in and of themselves.
Where my mistakes lie is in the execution of the plan. I did not:
Put down paper below the shelves
Have the boys change into old clothes
Lay down rules about painting (only use brushes NOT hands, only paint on the shelves)
Make sure that if Jace got up (he was napping when we started) he was NOT to come outside

So, paint was ALL over the driveway. Clothes were ruined. Jace came out and was covered too. And I had the great idea to have them wash in the hose, on the side of the house. Of course, the hose wasn’t there, but I thought they could use the water that came out anyway. Of course, the water is on the side of the house next to our MEAN next door neighbor, that we’ve had problems with in the past. Of course, he was home. And of course, the boys were running all over his yard, leaving paint-prints on his grass, sidewalk and Jace even touched his house with his painty hands.
(You must know that this neighbor has not gotten along with us from day one. He blares his music to deafening levels, that shake our house, so I have called the police on him before. In fact the police told me if they had another noise complaint, he would get a ticket. This neighbor is also meticulous about his yard. I have seen him on his lawn with scissors snipping grass.)
The neighbor stormed outside, and YELLED, “GET YOUR F****ing KIDS AWAY FROM MY HOUSE BEFORE I CALL THE POLICE!!!!” Yes, in front of my 2, 4 and 6 year olds. I rounded up Jace but not before he yelled it again. I apologized but he ignored me.
When I’d gotten the kids into the tub, woken up Jerry to help, changed my own clothes to finish the shelves (they were drying REALLY awfully) and went back out, I saw the neighbor again. I said “I really am very sorry.” and he said “I don’t give a s*** – keep your kids away from my house.” and somehow I had the courage (or stupidity?) to say, “You really should watch how you talk in front of children.” Which he ignored.
I was mainly upset about being talked to in that way, and in front of my kids. Anyway, the whole thing caused major upset in the house. I won’t go into details about it. Things are better today, but I really appreciate all the prayers from everyone.

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  1. Sorry have to deal with a difficult neighbor. I live in a really rural area so I have an acre on either side of me. My closest neighbor is probably 1/4 mile from me.
    I have lived close to people before but never really had a problem….

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