Mix Tape Special: “Failure into Beauty” Songs

I’ve always loved making themed mix tapes, and then mix cds. Now I love making theme playlists. You can use ones you like to make a themed mix of your very own.

OR, if you have Spotify, you can check out my Spotify playlist (MTS – Failure into Beauty) right here:

(( Note that the songs You’re Beautiful by Michele Wagner and Not Perfect by Church of Rhythm aren’t on Spotify, so they aren’t on the Spotify playlist. ))

You’re Beautiful

All I Ever Have To Be

You Love Me Anyway

His Strength Is Perfect

In Christ

Flower In the Rain

Someone Worth Dying For

Not Perfect – unfortunately, I can’t find this single. However, the album is available: Not Perfect

Beauty For Ashes

I WIll Rest In You


All You’ve Ever Wanted

Just As I Am

You Loved Me First

Note: Yes, these are affiliate links. Yes, this means if you purchase any of these songs, I will receive a small commission from the purchase. Yes, I think that’s pretty cool! 🙂

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