one of my online friends is missing a member of her church! they have a website up for him already – if you see him please contact the number on the website!!!!

2 thoughts on “Missing Man

  1. Oh my… that’s got to be tense. I’ll be prayin’.

    Thought I would reply to your Xanga comment over here. 🙂 I’m sure your boys would be an absolute JOY watch. How lucky, their babysitter! 😀 P&P was fantastic (I thought so, anyway). You can only do so faithful an adaption in two hours, but it seemed very realistic and was a sweet, typical chick-flick. Some of the dialogue was hard to understand, just because at times they got going really fast and the British accents seemed to slur everything together. But most of it was intelligible. 😉

    *hugs* to you too!

  2. My name is (LYNN) and I have been reading your blog since (LONG TIME!). I first found you (DON’T REMEMBER.. THINK IT WAS THRU PRO-LIFE STUFF ONLINE!). My most favorite food is (MED. RARE FILET MIGNON.. not that I ever get it!) and my least favorite food is (EGGS-UGGH). Right now my top five favorite tv shows are (DON’T WATCH MUCH TV- ONLY FOX NEWS). I (am) married and I (have) children (NATHAN-25.. GRETCHEN-24.. ZACH-17.. HANNAH-13.. KATELYN-9 next week!). (I have a blog WHICH I RARELY HAVE TIME FOR THESE DAYS! and would love for you to leave me a comment! YOU KNOW IT GIRL- ANYTIME!)

    My online time has all but ceased.. perhaps just a “season” as we all go through now and then… but when I get on, I DO stop by and peek in on you.
    Take care!

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