Frugal Friday: More Memorial Day, Dads & Grads & Summer Sales!

Frugal Friday: More Memorial Day, Dads & Grads & Summer Sales!

Fridays are now my grocery-shopping days. Saturday used to be it, but my mom switched her hours working at my dad’s shop, so now Friday is the only day she can come and watch the boys for me (my mom is amazing and works a full-time job with kids through the week, then watches mine on Fridays, then helps at my dad’s shop. She really amazes me!). I don’t know about you, but taking young kids shopping is not easy. I find it hard to concentrate on the deals, specials and coupons when my guys are in tow. I’m so thankful for my mom and how willingly she helps us out in this way!
I normally have from 10-1ish to shop. That includes driving time. Today, I had to add in going to the Minute Clinic. I have a UTI. (EEK!) So I had to wait for the script, too. I was blessed to get a $20 gift card coupon from Meijer the week before, so I took it to CVS and paid $5 for my script and received the $20 gift card. Then I turned around and picked up four Right Guard deodorants for Jerry. They were BOGO and I had four $1.50 off 1 qs and two $2 off 1 CVS qs. I asked the gal if I could use 4 manufacturer’s qs with BOGO, and she said she didn’t know, but she’d try and see. Every q cleared! So I paid .66c (on my CVS gift card!). That was fun!
Then I went to eat and take my antibiotic. That took up more time than I usually take for eating, but I am not feeling my best, after all.
My last and longest stop was Meijer. I first picked up the ad, since I couldn’t find mine this morning, then I headed to the returns area. I had noticed last night that I’d been overcharged for a couple things the week before. As I was in line waiting my turn, I was looking over the ad. I looked closely, and several things were the same as the week before’s deals. I noticed the fine print of “limit 4” and “limit 3.” Aye-aye-aye! By then it was my turn, so I asked the gal if the deals in last week’s paper had the same limits on them as this week’s. She said yes. So if I want to return the things I paid full-price for, I have to bring the items in and re-ring them. So bummed! I am ALWAYS missing the limits at Meijer. I will be looking more closely at that from now on. At the end, I got 5% off my total groceries purchase, $5 off my total purchase, and two $2 catalinas were spit out. 🙂 I just want to tell you that if you have a Meijer close to you, you MUST sign up for their MPerks. It is SO worth it!

Now for the online sales!

<img src="" alt="Memorial Day Blow-Out! Enjoy up to 70% off everything you need for the weekend.” border=”0″>
Memorial Day Blow-Out at Wayfair! Enjoy up to 70% off everything you need for the weekend.

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