Lights of Hope in Times of Darkness (Sign up!)

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. -John 1:5

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Interested in Spreading Some Light?

I have been preparing for this new series for over a year.
I began searching for true stories by depression over-comers,
but now I’m looking for even more stories that show God’s grace & power.

Lights of Hope in Times of Darkness

will cover pretty much anything negative–abuse, addiction,
anxiety, chronic illness, depression, eating disorders,
self-harm, etc., and even things that aren’t truly negative but might be challenging,
such as raising children with special needs.

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Lights of HopeWhat am I looking for?

Any topic that God is greater than (which is everything, am I right?!) is welcome.
I’ve struggled with clinical depression since high school, and have had many ups and downs over the years,
including severe PPD with each child.At the end of 2015, I was hit with my worst bout and ended up in a rehab center for almost a week.
I can still vividly remember sitting alone in a dark, empty room, in the middle of a bed with a scratchy blanket,
crying out to God and singing to Him that He alone can help me.I’m still recovering, though I’m SOOOO much better than I was!
The entire experience made me really want to share the little bit of light I had burning while I was suffering.

Sometimes, a little spark of hope in God is enough to get us through something like that.

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LightsofHope pixabayDo You Want to Join in the Light?

I want us to remind others going through their “stuff” that God is always there
for them and He’s greater than what they’re going through. Their light is worth
shining, even if it feels like it’s snuffed out.
I have had several people confide their depression to me recently and I’ve still been
feeling the pull of it myself. So I KNOW this is something that needs to be started and
shared as soon as possible.

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