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I tried many different ways to show these videos, and doing a playlist on YouTube ended up being the easiest way.

Whatever you’re going through, I hope these songs bless you.

The first song in this set means so much to me. It’s called “You Alone” and this version is by The Sisters. I first heard this song when my choir did it back in November (2015). It was when the depression was coming in hard, just at the beginning. I cried through Rachel’s and the choir’s singing of it and had to find and download the song right away. I pretty much memorized it in a few hours.

Then when I was in Valle Vista, since I had no access to my music or my Bible or anything really, I rocked in the middle of my bed in the dark, with tears streaming down my face, and sang this song in my head. It was like a prayer during that time, when I couldn’t form my own words. While I was there, most nights and some days were spent with me singing this in my head or out loud.

Rachel and the choir sang it again in May of 2016, and I think it was the first time I was able to listen and sing along without crying all the way through it. So I suppose that’s progress.

Anyway, the song means a lot to me and I hope it touches you as well.

BTW you can purchase this song on amazon here: You Alone by The Sisters

What’s a song that touches you when you’re going through something tough?

Lights of Hope in Times of Darkness - Encouraging Songs in Troubled Times

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