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LessonTrek Homeschool Planner Review + a Coupon!

**Note: I received a Free LessonTrek subscription in exchange for this review**

As mentioned in a previous review, I am pretty much a failure when it comes to planners. I have the best intentions, but I am so easily distracted and so very forgetful, that there are so many things that end up halfway done. Unfortunately, lesson plans are one of those. I’m very thankful that the homeschool curriculum we use is pretty self-leading for the big boys, so I’m just worrying about the little boys’ schooling now. Seriously, other than a reminder here and there, the big boys are doing amazingly! However, so far, I have only entered the big boys’ info into LessonTrek, so that’s what you’ll see.


I signed up to get a free trial of LessonTrek in exchange for an honest review, thinking, it couldn’t hurt, right?

I am in love with it! I love how I can use different colors for the boys. I love how I can print a week out if I want to, to give a copy to the boys, or in case I plan to be off-line (it prints beautifully). I love how I can copy individual days, or I can copy an entire week! I love how I have the option to keep it as-is, with a generic type of lesson (more in detail below), or I can add more specifics.

For the big boys’ core curriculum, we use Christian Light Education. I cannot recommend it highly enough (and this is not a paid endorsement – LOL!). It has been a godsend to our family since I discovered it nearly three years ago. Anyway, there are four types of lessons in CLE’s Light Units (their name for workbooks):
-Daily lesson
-Quizzes (there are two per Light Unit)
-Self-check (in essence a pre-test test. We don’t even do these – I have the boys skim it to see if they know the answers. If they do, they may ask for the test. If they don’t, they need to look up the answers.)
-Light Unit Test (one per Light Unit)

On LessonTrek, you can enter in whatever different lesson you have planned. For the generic lesson, I have typed in “Daily lesson,” then there is a space when you pop it onto a day that you can enter in a detail plan, if you’d like. (See my screenshot below)


All-in-all, this is a super convenient, simple, and powerful tool for the homeschool mama! I’m very thankful for the opportunity to use it in exchange for a review. Our family couldn’t be more pleased. It should be noted that this is a web-based program, and I didn’t personally see any way to use an app. I also did not try it on the Kindle or on any of the tablets, because I prefer the computer.

If you are interested in trying LessonTrek out, there is a free trial, or if you just want to dive right in, here’s a coupon for you: 2IOL50. This will give you a full year for half the cost! Instead of $60, it’s only….yes, you got it, $30! 😉 (Just choose the $60 option in the payment section. Your credit card will be charged $30 for a full year. When you renew, it will be for $60 each year thereafter, unless you cancel).

What do you use in planning lessons? Do you think you might give LessonTrek a try?

God bless,

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