Lessons for “Those Days” {Imperfect Moms Day 24}

Lessons for “Those Days” {Imperfect Moms Day 24}

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I think we’ve all had those days when we just absolutely don’t want to be a mom. It may be because we have spent the day cleaning up messes, dealing with tantrums, and trying to teach obedience. It may be simply because we are tired and don’t want to play or talk or even be touched. Whatever the reason, we all have those types of days. I had one of those earlier this year.

It was a gorgeous day, made especially gorgeous since it had rained for days prior. But it soon turned into one of “those days.” You know the ones I’m talking about. There are toys everywhere, cereal has been ground in the carpet, you don’t even know what is on the sofa, the kid(s) have screamed all day and refused to take a nap, you’re not sure if you even brushed your hair, you haven’t been able to pee in peace all day let alone sit and relax, and dinner isn’t even thought about yet and it’s 4:30pm. All you want is quiet, your favorite show, and a really big bowl of Vienna Mocha Chunk ice cream with hot fudge. It’s those days that make you wonder why you are a parent.

I like to think that I’m a pretty good mom. I have a Bachelor’s in Child Development and worked child care for years followed by time as a substitute teacher. I can be a bit too confident in my parenting abilities. And then one of those days hits. Out the window goes all my education and in its place is a tired, frazzled, frustrated woman. It is those days and those moments that have taught me two important motherhood lessons.

Lessons for Those Days {IMC Day 24} :: Out the window goes all my education and left is a tired mom. It is those days and those moments that have taught me two important motherhood lessons.

Give yourself grace

Yup. Something that simple. Those days where you have nothing left and want to run away, just give yourself grace. It’s okay to have a bad day. It’s okay to have days when you really, really just hate being a mom. Do not beat yourself up over it. Don’t feel guilty about it. We all have those days. Cut yourself some slack and move on. Let the dishes sit until tomorrow. Throw something quick together for dinner. Instead of trying to do it all, do the bare minimum that day. Instead of trying to keep the peace, just play with your kids for a little while. It’s okay to just let things go for one day.

Give yourself grace. It's okay to just let things go for one day. Click To Tweet

Include God in your parenting

How often do you just go through your days and, while you may do your Bible study, you never think to actually include God in your parenting? I am very guilty of this. I’ve actually talked about this before over in this post. Because of my education and background, I forget to let God guide my parenting and rely on my own abilities and knowledge. This always ends up not working out. I can’t include God in the rest of my life and not in how I parent. I need Him to guide me in all areas. When I remember to include God in my parenting, those bad days don’t come as often and don’t feel quite as bad.

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Bonus: Take some time to rest

I know, I know. I said two lessons. But this one is important too! You need to take time to rest. It can be one of your best defenses against mama burnout. In addition to relying on God to help you through the rough days, you need to make sure you aren’t running yourself into the ground trying to do too much. Doing that just sets you up for failure and makes the rough days come more often. I like to take one full day per week to rest, but do whatever works best for you and your family.
One of the verses that I always come back to when I am going through those rough days is this:

“That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.” 2 Corinthians 12:10 (NIV).

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The last part especially helps me through the rough days. I hope that you can take my two(.5) lessons and learn from them. I highly suggest that you find a life verse or a motherhood verse to help you through your parenting journey. Use mine, use something different, use whatever works for you.

Julie Taylor {Logger's Wife}About the Author: Julie Taylor is a mom, wife, and small business owner. She is also a blogger over at www.loggerswife.com where she blogs about frugal living, parenting, and Christianity. When she isn’t busy blogging and running after a busy husband and small child, she likes good coffee, chocolate, crafting (especially crochet), reading, organizing, classic country, SmartWool socks, and comfy pants. You can find Julie on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

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2 thoughts on “Lessons for “Those Days” {Imperfect Moms Day 24}

  1. I have found that I have needed to do the things you mentioned above. And sleep does help! lol Though hard for moms with little ones (especially babies!). And I do find that if God is not part of my day and everything I do, I should expect it to be a bad day. I am so glad he helps us in our weaknesses!

    1. Yes, sleep does help but rest in general goes a long way for me. I find that a day or even half a day without the typical household responsibilities really helps with the burnout. And yes, absolutely, if God isn’t a part of the day, I can also expect the day to fail. 🙂

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