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Kitty Update!


when i put up a suggestion option, amy suggested grace or gracie and jenn suggested belle or bella. i was like hmmmmmm and came up with bella grace. i decided on the name and jerry said it fit her. 🙂 he also really liked oreo tho.

she went to the vet today. {a very sweet, generous blog reader of mine paid for it!!!!Â? 😯 the person said that bella HAD to be seen just to be on the safe side. i am SOOOOO thankful to this person, as we would never have been able to afford this!! thank you AGAIN!!!}

she has bruised tissue and it could have damaged the growing tissue but there’s no way to know right now. 🙁 none of her bones are broken. the vet gave her an anti-inflamatory pain med and some fluids to help protect her liver (from the med). said to watch her and make sure she starts acting more normal in the next few days. since being home she already ate all her food so that’s good news!!

jeremiah says ‘beyya’ for bella. LOL!

thanks for praying for her and thanks for the suggestions everyone!! 🙂 and generous reader, you KNOW how much we appreciate you!!!!

she is a beautiful sweet little thing and we already love her!!

5 thoughts on “Kitty Update!”

  1. Carol

    I love her name!

    That’s an awesome reader you have!

  2. I’m glad you got to take her to the vet. We need to take Cuddles in… I think she needs to be de-wormed. *sighs* Can’t wait until we move and can get her out of the basement. The poor thing is so sad down there, away from the kids… And I don’t think it’s been all that great for her health too. 🙁

    Bella Grace is a very cute kitty!


  3. what a cutie kitty cat! i’ve never had a cat, maybe one day 🙂

  4. Ahhhh…what a sweetie. I love the cute fluffy ones. Hope the kitty and pup get along well. Mine don’t the cat won’t get off the counter unless the dog is outside or in bed! EEEEGADS!


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