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Hi, everyone, I’m Amanda Goff, the other Amanda. 😉 I’m glad to be here and share something I’ve been passionate about!

Is there anyone out there looking to make a change? If we are honest with ourselves we all have an area (or areas in my case) where we could stand to make some changes. Lasting changes. These 4 “P’s” of Change can apply to many different kinds of transformation, be they spiritual, mental, or physical. I happen to be undergoing some positive physical changes currently AND this is FiiT Friday, so I will be approaching this topic from that angle. I have been on this specific journey of transformation for about two years, losing a total of 42 pounds so far, but have amped up my efforts considerably for the last 3 months, during which I lost 22 of those pounds! I have not arrived yet, I am still on this journey myself, but I am a certified Devoted Fitness Instructor, a Beach Body Coach, and I have learned a lot along the way. I want to share with you what has worked and is working for me. Some of these may seem somewhat common sense to you, but the magic is in the implementation my friends, and sometimes we need to hear things a “drillion” (my 5 year old’s imaginary number) times before we listen!

1.) Planning
Yes, yes we have all heard the adage “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Well, the fact that this saying has become cliché and overused doesn’t make it any less true. Think about it; hunger pangs hit, you are in the middle of cleaning for last minute company that is coming over (my worst nightmare!), you haven’t planned your meals and snacks for the day, and you haven’t planned ahead to have quick and healthy options in your fridge. You open up the cabinet and grab a bag of potato chips… FAIL. See, it is nearly impossible to succeed without a certain amount of planning and preparation (Oh look, there’s another P!). Sure, it takes a little time upfront, but planning SAVES you time in the long run and will be a key to making those life changes.

Things to plan:

  • Meals and snacks-
  • If you have a specific diet/healthy eating plan you are following, sit down and make a list of the things that you CAN have that you WILL eat. You won’t stick to a diet eating food you hate, but you’ll be surprised at how tasty healthy food can be! Come up with several ideas for each meal and snacks; use this as your master list to help you come up with your daily and weekly meal plans. There are all kinds of cute and free meal plan templates you can print out and use. Like these super cute ones from and There are also some awesome and handy online tools you can use. Of course, there’s an app for that! Like this one from Plan to Eat that creates a categorized grocery list from recipes that you drag onto an interactive meal planning calendar! The key is this: Find something that works for you and stick to it!

  • Grocery list-
  • Once you have made your list of meals and snacks, make a list of the groceries you will need for your meal plan for that week. You can use your Plan to Eat app for this too if you’d like. To take your planning to an even higher level, check what’s on sale where, and what you have coupons for. Look at you, overachiever, planning AND saving money!

  • Daily workout times-
  • What time of the day is best for you to workout daily? There actually is no proven time of day when your body burns more calories more than another. So, figure out your optimum time, a time you can stick to, and then plan to workout at that time. However, DO NOT use missing your exact planned time as a reason to skip your workout for the day! GET. IT. IN. Sometime, somehow, someway. Because if you don’t, that day may become a week, and then a month and before you know it, you are off your path that leads to that change you are seeking. It is also crucial to have a plan as to what type of workout you will be doing each day. Switch it up! Keep it exciting! If you are looking for a program that’s just right for you, one that fits into your schedule and is catered to your goals I can help you with that! Visit me here for more info.

  • Eating when away from home-
  • So many times we do so well all week long, and then the weekend comes and there are errands to run, parties to attend, church pitch-ins, games to cheer on and bad foods at every corner. This is where planning becomes crucial! Pack a cooler with fruits and veggies, hummus, turkey, nuts, etc… Make sure you fill up on healthy foods before you leave home so you will be less tempted when there is a forbidden feast of high fat and sugary foods laid before you. Seek out the veggie tray, fruit plates, and protein at the parties and load up your plate with those. You’ll find you aren’t even hungry for those icky foods anymore, and you can walk out of there with your head held high!

    Plan to succeed and….”Yes! You will indeed (98 and ¾ percent guaranteed)” Yes, I did just throw some Dr. Seuss in there! Hey, I have 4 kids, it happens. A lot. Plus I love me some Seuss! Are you looking for help making changes in your weight, health and fitness? A group of people to help encourage you and hold you accountable? Help choosing a fitness and/or nutrition plan that’s just right for you? I would love to help you do that! I have two new challenge groups starting May 12th that I would love to get you plugged in to! Click here for more info. Like to work out in a group? Check out Devoted Fitness to see if there is an instructor near you–we’re getting new instructors all the time! I am in Franklin, IN, if you’re close by come get down with me! Here’s a brief sample of the fun you’ll find with Devoted Fitness:
    Me and my Dance Crew in February:

    and in March:

    Look for part 2 in this series, coming soon! Promises – How Standing on Them Will Help You Change!

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    1. So proud of you, Amanda! I know everyone who reads is going to get so much out of this series! Thanks again for sharing with us!

    2. Good reminders. I usually look for something profound that I can say “I never thought about it that way,” instead of just abiding by the good sense that’s been around a good long while. We need those reminders.

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