before i conceived jeremiah, i wrote a song called “jeremiah” for my first-born son.
i sang it when i was pregnant with him.
i sang it when he was tiny.
i sang it until he started saying “no, mama” which believe me, broke my heart.
the past few weeks i’ve been asking him if he wants to hear his song. sometimes he says yes, sometimes he says no.
last night he asked me to sing “mi-mi’s song”. he actually ASKED me to sing it! and he said, “again, mama, again!”

i don’t know if it has to do with me working on josiah’s song, trying to get it right, and he always wants to get what josiah gets. but it sure warms my heart and makes me smile! 🙂
jeremiah has trouble saying ‘r’ words sometimes. they come out with different consonants, but the biggest one he uses to replace is ‘h’. so ‘rocking chair’ comes out ‘hocking chair’.

tonight, i told him i was going to nurse josiah. every time i tell him that, he wants extra attention.

he replied, ‘but mama, i hold you in hocking chair’.

i have been attempting to get him to correct this thing, so i said, ‘you mean the rrrrrrrrocking chair?’

he nodded, ‘yes, hocking chair’.

i continued to say rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and added more and more rrrrr sounds and he kept saying ‘hocking chair’.

the last time, he stopped, looked at me and said, ‘i hold you on couch mama?’

jeremiah turned 28 months yesterday. i really don’t know how i feel about it. it’s kind of surreal.

josiah has been growling a lot. it is soooo cute!!

usually, if i ask josiah if he wants to nurse, and sign a wiggly y (my sign for nursing), he will laugh and bounce up and down. i always assume this means ‘yes’. sometimes he just wants to play with the hardware. *rolls eyes*

did i mention josiah walked to me the other day, the first time walking without falling?

josiah had spaghetti today. he ate it up! he loves canned peas, canned carrots, and banana chunks. but ONLY if he is feeding himself. he is extremely independent and wants to do it himself. while jeremiah is still letting me dress him, i have a feeling josiah will be a little over one before he starts saying “i do it, mama!” he even wants to feed himself applesauce. yeah, that scene is always pretty.

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  1. Sounds like Jeremiah was getting fed up with the “rrrrrrrrrrocking chair”! 😆 😉

    My kids always used the “W” sound for the “R”. So it would have come out “wocking chaiw”.

    Don’t they make such a mess when they feed themselves? Josh was my worst… There’s something pretty nauseating about applesause and grape jam (from a sandwich) smooshed together on the tray…

  2. ahh.. both those boys sound so adorable..
    Correcting childrens speech is so hard sometimes.. Em can’t say “S” well so instead of snake.. she says nake… I am still working on that and she’ll be 5 soon (pulling out hair) She’s already signed up for speech lessons next fall…
    My sons sound like your boys.. my first… he let me do things and help him.. the second came out indepedent and strong willed.. from day
    Have a wonderful weekend Jenn.. give the little men an extra hug from me!!!
    Hope all is well!

  3. Too funny about the “hocking” chair. I’ve been working with DD1 to pronounce her words better. Sometimes it works, other times it just creates worse results. For instance the other day she tried to say “upset.” Saying “Uppy-sep” instead. By the time I got done trying to correct her she was saying “Ub-py-da-sep.” Not exactly an improvement. :/ LOL.

  4. awww. you should make a video of you singing the song to jeremiah. i think that would be sweet. and then to josiah when you finish his song.

    adriana also pronounces things in her own special way 🙂 like “dora socks” – “dowa sots” that kind of thing. i havent worried too much about correcting her. i dont want her to grow up any faster than she is 🙂 she is probably going to be my last baby so she can take all the time she wants! hugs!

  5. How sweet that your boys have their very own songs! 🙂 That’s so great!

    All of our kids are big music fans, but Hamish is especially choosy about what song he wants to hear. And I am only allowed to sing songs “my” songs, and daddy is only allowed to sing “his” songs. If daddy tries to sing Hush Little Baby — well that’s just ridiculous, isn’t it?!? 😉

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the missing R. They usually outgrow that kind of thing as long as YOU keep saying the word right — as in, don’t start using his incorrect pronunciation because it’s cute. As long as you say words correctly, he most likely will eventually, too.

  6. Oh how funny!! You’ll have to see my latest journal entry! Great minds think alike, eh?? Have a blessed Lord’s Day, dear friend!

  7. Jeremiah and Josiah are precious! Isn’t it amazing how ever child is so different?!

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