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Josiah – all in a day

i just had to record these gems from josiah that all happened yesterday. there is NEVER a dull moment with him around. he is always thinking about something, and most often voices his thoughts. actually, i’m not sure if he ever keeps his thoughts to himself. LOL. but these are some of the cuter and funnier things he said yesterday.

“mama, i think i will be loving you forever”

“i’m done pooping.” i waited until he said it 3x before i went in (to wipe him), because he often thinks he’s done when he’s not…”so are you really done, buddy?” “no, i’m not.” head hanging down. “did you call me in here because you’re lonely?” “yeah, sometimes i get scared when i’m lonely. and i get lonely when i’m scared. so i want someone with me.” how profound. what a sweet, special guy i have.

“mama, flies don’t buzz do they? just bees right?” “no, joe, flies buzz too. the buzzing noise is made from bugs that flap their wings together really fast. you can only hear it on bigger bugs.” “but flies don’t sting right? just bees.” “nope, flies don’t sting.” “ok.”

“mama, you are a beautiful, lovey mama.”

oh man there was one more that was so funny and i can’t remember it now! 🙁 i’ll have to add it if i remember.

1 thought on “Josiah – all in a day”

  1. Awww! He’s so cute!

    BUT… Some flies bite. A horsefly does. I should know… Back in ’98 my hand was stung/bit by a horsefly and it swelled up so much I had to see a doctor!

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