Jeremiah & the Potty

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jeremiah POTTIED today!!!!!!!!!! SEVERAL times in a row!!!!!!!!!!
we were reading a potty book, when it was over, i asked if he wanted to potty (usually he says an emphatic NO) and he said YEAH!!!!
so we went to the potty, he played a bit, then said he was done. i asked him if he felt any pee-pee in his pen$$ and he said yes, so he sat longer. i told him not to hold his pen$$ so the pee-pee could come out. (this is another thread all together – my boys are BOTH pen$$ pinchers!!!) he said ok, left it alone, and i saw his tummy muscles squeezing. i told him to push the pee-pee out.
he went! he was SOOOOOOO excited!
we did the rinse and dump and flush and wash hands, and i asked if he wanted a pull-up. he said yes (he has NOT wanted a pull-up before now – i would have asked if he wanted undies, but it was right before nap time) and i had him sit on the potty while i went to get the pull-ups from downstairs. he went MORE while sitting!
so more praise, repeat the wash, rinse, etc, and it happened 4 more times. now i KNOW he wants those skittles, so i am going to have him sit on the potty for five minutes before i let him up. i want him to get a stream going, not a little trickle like he was. but the point is, he KNOWS when he needs to “go”. i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited about this!!!!!!!!!!!

now, how to get him down for nap, when he says he needs to potty, because he wants skittles, AND likes to avoid napping in the first place. ? help

how to keep the one year old who is totally interested in everything big bubby does away from the potty?? help

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  1. Julie

    Well, I can’t help you with the nap thing or the one year old thing! 😆

    But YAY for Jeremiah!!!!! That’s so exciting! He’s just a little older than Jared was, when Jared was potty trained!!! (Josh was over 3! :lol:) That’s awesome!

    Makes me feel bad that we haven’t even started with Amanda yet. We had decided that it would be better for her, if we waited until after the move to Molalla was over. So we kept the potty chair packed (and I have no idea in which box it is)… I just didn’t realize HOW LONG it would take to get into the new house!!!! Amanda is so ready too. *sighs*

    We may just have to buy a new potty chair, if it takes too much longer to get into the house.

    I’m so excited for Jeremiah!!!!


  2. Manda

    I think right now I would just focus on your success and not stress about making each piddle in the potty a full stream. Every little tinkle deserves a happy reward. Pretty soon he’ll build an association with peeing in the potty and it won’t be about skittles. It’ll be about genuinely needing to go.

    Sometimes, with DD1, I’ll sit down on the edge of the bath tub and wait with her. If she only tinkles a little bit I’ll ask her if she feels any more pee-pees. Sometimes she says yes and we wait some more. Usually followed by a full pee. Other times, well, that’s it. Just a small pee. Each incident is victory and we celebrate.

    We don’t do tangible prizes anymore. Mainly because pottying in the toilet is pretty standard. We weaned the prizes out pretty quickly. Not for any reason except I’m sorta lazy about it. lol.

    As far as pottying to get out of napping. I’d just suggest that you go every time he says he needs to go. Go potty, go back to bed, go potty go back to bed. If no pottying happens I would tell him, “Well, maybe next time. Now let’s go back to bed.” 🙂

    This stuff is just new and exciting for him. The newness will wear off soon. DD1 used to try to use pottying as an excuse not to do something… but after repeated “potty, resume requested activity” it became clear to her that the pottying wasn’t really the welcome diversion that she thought it would be.

    Congrats on the success Jeremiah!

  3. Cheryl

    Yay, Jeremiah! Eli did the pee in little bits thing for awhile too, but I think he figured out it was more trouble than it was worth! He still will hold it until after we’ve put him to bed so he gets to get up to go potty again. So manipulative. 😉

    As far as Josiah goes…what about getting a potty seat for him too? Then he can be like big brother and get used to being on the potty at the same time.

  4. Cheryl

    P.S… How do you get the picture to show up next to your comments?

  5. Rob

    I’d just be thrilled with the pottying and not worry about potty abuse right now.

    I remember being all happy when I no longer needed the toilet adapter.

    I also remember the last time my Dad left the seat up, around that time. I’d just stopped using the adapter. I don’t know if I was too short to reach the lights or if I started my adult habit of doing things in the dark, but I fell in the toilet when I tried to sit down. I couldn’t get myself out. I screamed hysterically until both parents woke up and came to get me out and wash me up.

  6. jenjen

    Congrats Jeremiah!!

    Ian still says “NO!” when I ask him if he wants to go pee pee on the potty. =(

  7. InspiredHome

    Yea Jeremiah! We’ll be getting ready to start potty training both boys. Definately will be interesting.

  8. Bobbie

    Way to GO Jeremiah…

    Sounds like he’s off to a good start Jenn.. a good start indeed.. He’ll get so he wants to go just to hear the praise..
    When our kids started out.. I’d try to get them to go before nap.. then as soon as they’d wake up I’d march them right back in to go.. after a while it was more a routine with them than forced.. he’ll soon get into routines about when he should try to go..
    and with little brother wanting to be in there.. my youngest wanted to be with his brother too.. and I often allowed it.. I think it helped my youngest son get the idea.. and he’d hear the praise.. so he would want to try too… Josiah is still way to young.. but he’s watching and learning already…

  9. Jessica

    Yay for Jeremiah! 🙂
    I agree with what Manda said about prizes – eventually he’ll be weaned off of them and using the potty won’t be such a great nap escape. A little boy I babysit is being potty trained and he does fine without prizes, so I guess it’s possible to be content with just being a “big boy”!

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