Jenn Gigowski Editorial Services


Are you in search of an affordable yet thorough book editor? I sure hope that I can help you.

I have always been a voracious reader. Since discovering Kindle e-books, I’ve been reading even more than ever before. E-books seem much different than books-in-print, in which I would only find mistakes here and there in every couple of books. Now, somehow, in every e-book I read, I inadvertently find myself editing!

I have met some wonderful authors and been privileged to work with some of them. After a little encouragement from them, I decided to begin my career in editing.

I realized that most new authors (and even some who’ve been at it a while) can’t afford the cost of high-end editing services, so I decided to offer my excellent proofreading, critiquing, copy-editing, and polishing skills for a more reasonable price. In fact, friends tell me that I charge way too little. If I become super busy, I will consider raising my prices, but I like where they are for now.

I do not read or work with all genres of books. If a book has cursing/crude language, nudity, erotica or anything else that I would be ashamed for my boys to read, I can’t work with it. (The only exception I make with this is stories of past trauma, in which true depictions are necessary.) Right now, these are the types of books that I will consider:


Christian: Historical, Regency, Romance, Rom-Com, Comedy
Children’s: Toddler/Pre-school, Elementary and Middle-school, Teen/Young Adult
Fantasy: Superhero, Sci-fi, Action/Adventure
Romance: Regency, Historical, Contemporary, Suspense


Theological, Biography, Auto-biography, Business, Health/Beauty, Cookbook

I’m sure I missed something in the genres listed above – if what you have is clean, I would be happy to consider it.

Other Services:

Editing a book’s blurb/synopsis

Editing posts on a blog/website

Editing church bulletins

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God bless,

Jenn Gigowski