Jamin’s Birth Story…

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is up! http://www.col3.us/jenn/family/jamin/jamins-birth-story/

we go tomorrow for his weight check – he is still looking pretty scrawny to me. it’s also josiah’s 2 year well-child check-up. he is “behind schedule” on shots, so i’m not looking forward to that!!

we are supplementing a bit more, because of our concern…i want to nurse completely, with no supplements, but i wonder if that might never happen, with any of my babies? as full as i feel, maybe it’s not enough for them? 🙁

i am officially back in my size 12 pants! i can hardly believe it. i don’t know if i should shoot for pant-size or weight. i would still like to be down to about 125 or 130 if possible…but if i can get to size 10 or 8 i would be thrilled!

the boys sure LOVE their baby brother! it is so precious how much they love him.

we didn’t get hospital pics, so we decided to go to jc penney’s for 1 week portraits. i didn’t think i’d be getting the smiles by wire (didn’t pay for it) but they just sent it to me anyway! yippee!

Link expired 🙁


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  1. Julie

    Congrats on the size 12 pants!!!

    I would say more, but I HAVE to go see the birth story!… Why don’t you put it here?

  2. Julie

    The portraits are GORGEOUS! If it were me, I would want a copy of every single one! *lol* … I wish we would have done newborn pictures of our kids, other than hospital ones (which always turn out so aweful! *lol*) … Very nice Jenn!

    Which ones did you order?

  3. AmandaF

    Great birth story Jenn! Congratulations on making it without the pitocin and epidural. Burst veins are the worst. For some reason, I’ve always had bad luck in the hospital with IVs. Otherwise never an issue.

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