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Jamin is TWO! I’m 31 Weeks!

happy birthday to my precious, beautiful, adorable son jamin zachariah!

jamin, there was a time that i wished you were a girl (of course you were still in my belly then!), but there is NO WAY a girl could ever be as wonderful as you are. you are so precious, so sweet, so smart, so adorable, so fun, so amazing, and you are my son! i love you so much and am so thankful for you. you are completely different than your big brothers, but still obviously an integral part of our family. you look up to both your brothers so much, but have been defending yourself a lot more lately, and i love to see that. 🙂 you are getting sooo big! you still love to snuggle – you are still our snuggle puppy – and papa and i both hope you don’t grow out of that any time soon!

we love you, precious boy! happy birthday, jamin-bug!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am 31 weeks and feeling ready to pop already. i feel like i am going to split down the middle “down there”. jace is so incredibly active that it feels like he’s going to push his way out at any moment! i haven’t had my gestational diabetes test…we’ll see on monday when i’m supposed to take it. i SO HOPE i don’t have it!

jamin has shown some jealousy issues about the baby and anyone in general. when the boys sit with me, he can be on the other side of the room, and come running, squealing “NO NO!!”. one day he hit my belly, and said “no, my mama!” and he also says “NO, I BABY!” to show that no other baby will take his place. hmmmm. i’m hoping he’ll grow out of it by the time jace comes, but i don’t know!

1 thought on “Jamin is TWO! I’m 31 Weeks!”

  1. Out of my kids, it was Amanda who wanted me all to herself. She would yell, “No! My Mama!” … It’s probably a good thing she was the baby, huh? *lol* … Of course, now that she is almost 6, if I were to have another baby, she would welcome it. She always tells me she wants me to have a baby. 🙂

    I can’t believe that Jamin is TWO! Unbelievable! They grow so fast! *sigh*

    I’ve been meaning to ask you… Have you decided on the colors/theme you want for Jace’s quilt… I would *really* like to get it done before he is born, and not be bad like I was with Jamin’s quilt. *hangs head in shame*

    Love you!

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