Jamin :: 8 Months Old!! & Blog Keeper Meme

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jamin turned 8 months today, and i still can’t believe it. he is such a wonderful little miracle, such a precious gift to us. he is so sweet and adorable, and so much fun. josiah loves to say “he’s the cutest baby in the world” and both boys are always showering him with kisses and hugs (even if they are too rough sometimes).

jamin is still not fully crawling, but he gets around really quickly with his army crawl! he gets on all fours and just rocks, but when he wants to move, he goes back to his belly. *lol* and he can sit for about a minute, but only if put in the position. he hasn’t sat up on his own yet. all in good time, i know. i don’t want to rush him at all.

i got a few pics of him outside today. he wasn’t thrilled. and i’m sad to say he scratched his face up on the grass! what baby fine skin he has! so when i took a few other pics later, his face was all red and scratched. 🙁

blog keeper meme for wednesday, april 9, 2008 –

Do you blog like you talk?

yeah, not as deep as the last one, but something readers may be curious about.

as for me, yes, i do. i babble a lot when i talk, and i go from one topic to another. it’s very similar to how i talk in person. there are times that i try too hard, try to make myself sound more intelligent by using big words (which i know, but don’t often use in conversation), but for the most part, the talking and blogging speak are similar. i guess you could ask my mom, amanda or natalie to find out for sure. 😛

i hope everyone is having a great week! God bless!

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  1. Julie

    That’s cute about Josiah… When the girls were babies, the boys insisted that they were the prettiest, and cutest girls EVER! *lol* … Of course, being the Mama, I had to agree! 😉

  2. chelsie

    Aaww…sounds like they really love their baby brother!

    BTW, where do you get the ideas for your meme’s? Sometimes I just need a boost here and there about what to blog. 😉

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